In Response To ‘Advice From My Sane Self’ by Cynthia Ni

If some one tells you
“the timing isn’t right”
kindly tell them 
to shove it up their ass

this person does not love you

if some one is waiting
for some internal alarm clock
to go off and alert them 
to the matter of proper fucking timing
they will be waiting forever
and in turn so will you.

life is too messy for such shallow dreams

“later” never really comes and
nothing really ever changes
the scenery might be different
maybe you’ll have stopped curling your hair
but no matter how many pages
from the calendar have fallen
no matter how much weight
you have lost, or acquired
no matter what changes on the outside
deep down you will still be a silly girl,
who talks too loud

who holds too much hope
far too close to her heart

who is still waiting on some boy,
full of empty promises
to love you “later”




  1. This is beautiful, and so wise. The last half really resonates with me. It reminds me of when we swam and first starting being seriously interested in boys – epitome of silly girls who talk too loud.

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